bracelets + necklaces.

*KINDLY NOTE: inventory pictured on website shows a small selection of our products available in store. products photographed may have sold, and new inventory is made everyday. for specific inquiries on products, please contact us for pricing and availability.


Design One.

Yellow Gold Bar Cuff.

Design Two.

14K Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet with Diamonds Bezel Set

May 10-303.jpg

Design Three.

14k White Gold Hinged Cuff With Pave Diamond Ends

May 10-356.jpg

Design Four.

18K White Gold Hinged Three Row Micro Pave Bangle Bracelet

May 10-448.jpg

Design Five.

18K White Gold Single Row Pave Bangle Bracelet

May 10-309.jpg

Design Six.

14K White Gold Single Row Micro Pave Bangle Bracelet

May 10-365.jpg

Design Seven.

14K Rose Gold 4 Diamond Station Bracelet.

May 10-328.jpg

Design Eight.

14K White Gold 4 Diamond Station Bracelet

May 10-310.jpg

Design Nine.

18K White Gold Micro Pave Bracelet

Design Ten.

18K White Gold 3 Row Bezel Set Diamond Bracelet.

Design Eleven.

14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Link Bracelet.

May 10-320.jpg

Design Twelve.

14K Yellow Gold Scratchy Textured Link Bracelet,


Design Thirteen.

Geometric Diamond Necklace

Design Fourteen.

Diamond Pendent with Diamond Pendent Charm

May 10-244.jpg

Design Fifteen.

Micro Pave Diamond Geometric Necklace in White Gold

May 10-245.jpg

Design Sixteen.

White Gold Round Diamond Necklace

May 10-347.jpg

Design Seventeen.

Diamond Hamsa Charm on Set in White Gold

May 10-469.jpg

Design Eighteen.

White Gold Bar Necklace with Diamond Detail

May 10-238.jpg

Design Nineteen.

Triple Set Diamond Necklace.

Design Twenty.

Geometric Diamond Necklace in White Golld

May 10-476.jpg

Design Twenty One.

Yellow Gold Bar Necklace with Diamond Detail

Design Twenty Two.

Yellow Gold Bar Necklace with Diamond Detail Set Vertical

May 10-432.jpg

Design Twenty Three.

Diamond by the Yard with White Gold Setting on Yellow Chain

May 10-426.jpg

Design Twenty Four.

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace

May 10-384.jpg

Design Twenty Five.

Hammered Gold with Diamond Bar Necklace

Design Twenty Six.

Satin Finish Rose Gold Charm Necklace

May 10-387.jpg

Design Twenty Seven.

Diamond Charm Necklace

Design Twenty Eight.

Diamond Pendent Necklace with White Gold Metal Detail


Design Twenty Nine.

Opal Charm with Diamond Detail

Design Thirty.

Yellow Gold and Diamond Modern Charm Necklace

Design Thirty One.

Morganite and Diamond Charm on Yellow Gold Chain

Design Thirty Two.

Modern Yellow Gold Chain Statement Necklace


Design Thirty Three,

Diamond and Onyx Charm on White Gold Chain

Design Thirty Four.

Diamond and Onyx Charm on Rose Gold Chain

Design Thirty Five.

Tanzanite Charm on Diamonds by the Yard Chain

Design Thirty Six.

Amethyst and Diamond Charm on Yellow Gold Chain